One hundred years is a long time to be in business. Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Company was founded in the era of Model Ts and silent movies, one year before women got the right to vote. We’ve witnessed more wars than we care to remember, the Golden Age of Flight, the Civil Rights movement, the advent of television, the birth of the Internet. We predate Girl Scout Cookies, Wonder Bread, Kool-Aid, and Gerber’s Baby Food. We’ve seen a lot as a company over the past century – and, as individuals, even more. With more than 280 employees and agents, our collective years of service is pretty size-able. Tommy Blanchard, Jr., chairman of the board/CEO and grandson of our founder, has been with the company 49 years. Preston Moss, president of Blanchard and Calhoun Insurance Agency, has 39 years to his name, and his brother, Morris, 33. Long-time agents Nanda de Laurentys and Woody Trulock both top 30 years with the company. That’s just five of us and nearly 200 years. You can see how that figure quickly adds up. Our best estimate puts our collective service at around two millennia – 2,000 years. Whether a member of the Blanchard and Calhoun team brings a brand spanking new license or three decades of experience to the table, you can rest assured they have the entire Blanchard and Calhoun team behind them. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork