100 Unique Stories

100 years is a long time to be in business. It’s generations working toward the same goals, watching the growth of people, places, technology and thought. What we realized as we reflected on our 100 years of service is how much our success and the success of our community are intertwined. This collection of stories dating from our founding in 1919 is dedicated to our shared history. 


We are Blanchard and Calhoun

Three years after Augusta’s great fire of 1916 destroyed 25 blocks of the city, George Blanchard and Francis Calhoun began a real estate company on Broad Street. Over the next century, the Blanchard & Calhoun Family of Businesses would help countless thousands buy, sell, insure and finance their homes and businesses, transforming our community into what it is today. Our customer-first dedication to service, born over 100 years ago, remains the cornerstone of Blanchard & Calhoun’s success.