In 1992, the Greater Augusta Association of Realtors (formerly the Augusta Board of Realtors) formed its prestigious Masters Club with 18 charter members, sales executives who had been members of the 1 Million Dollar Club for 10 consecutive years. Of the thousands of realtors working in Augusta at that time, only 18 were inducted and HALF of those were Blanchard and Calhoun agents: Thomas Ashe, Sylvia Dye, Carolyn Gardner, Scott Jackson, Barbara James, Sarah Jefferson, Stewart Phinizy, Woody Trulock, and Gwen Fulcher Young. Nearly 30 years later, a few of them are still hard at work with our company. One of the things we’ve learned after a century in business is that you can’t rest on your laurels. 100 years. 100 stories. 100 percent hustle.