Nina Maxwell Blanchard, wife of our founder George Blanchard, was well known in Augusta sporting circles during the 1930s as a dominating force on the badminton court. Often playing doubles with Louise Cleckley, wife of internationally recognized psychiatrist Dr. Hervey Cleckley, Nina was a member of what future generations of players referred to as the “old guard.” She served as chairman of the committee that hosted Augusta’s annual city badminton tournament and was vice president of the Augusta Badminton Association.

Big George, on the other hand, loved deal making and the Don Ross-designed golf course that served as the centerpiece of his beloved Forrest Hills development. While Nina ruled the back alley of the city’s badminton courts, you would often find George on the links. Here he is with the Forrest-Ricker Hotel in the background – swinging into Masters Week like a boss.