Sixty years ago, Pleasant Home Road was a bucolic stretch of pavement lined with farms, country bungalows with abundant acreage, a thriving plant nursery, and a modern convalescent home that capitalized on its “serene resort setting.” Pleasant Home property owners fished, hosted boisterous barbeques, and bred bird dogs and all-white quail while downtown Augusta hustled and bustled eight miles away. In June 1960 under the headline “In the Path of Progress,” Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Company advertised a large section of land along Pleasant Home and Washington roads: “80 acres at a price that will seem dirt cheap when seen from hindsight.” Augusta was growing, and we knew it was headed that way. Our yearlong anniversary celebration project (100 Years | 100 Stories) has been about looking back at our company’s century of service, but Blanchard and Calhoun has always been looking forward. We don’t have a crystal ball, but what we do have is a one hundred year relationship with our city, which we think perfectly equips us to know not simply where Augusta has been, but where Augusta is going.