Things change in Augusta in April. The azaleas and dogwoods dazzle, leaving a thick coat of pollen on everything from cars to cats that nap too long in the sun. And, countless golfers and golf fans converge on the city for the Masters Tournament, many of them flying into Augusta Regional Airport. Every other week of the year, the traffic at the airport is pretty predictable with planes coming and going every 30 minutes or so. But during Masters Week, commercial and private jets take off and land every few minutes. It’s a carefully choreographed dance of planes and people, cars and carts, ground handlers and gangways. A lot can go wrong at an airport, particularly in high traffic seasons. Planning for all the “what ifs” is the key to a safe and successful operation.

That’s where Blanchard and Calhoun Insurance Agency enters the scene. For decades, Blanchard and Calhoun has worked with the leadership of Augusta Regional Airport to ensure that appropriate coverage is in place to protect both the airport, its employees, and the hundreds of thousands of people who utilize it each year, providing everything from general liability coverage to pollution liability. The relationship began with former insurance head John Moss, who worked with Blanchard and Calhoun for 47 years, and continues with his son Preston, current president of our insurance division. We’re pretty proud of the role we play at Augusta Regional Airport. Whether it’s “wheels up” in April or any other month of the year, we’ve got Augusta Regional Airport’s back.