Companies that make it to the fifth generation of family ownership are so uncommon – rare as hens’ teeth, as they say around these parts – virtually no research is available. Our president, Tom Blanchard III, and his sister, Carey Blanchard Daniel, are the fourth generation of Blanchards to lead the company started by their great grandfather, George C. Blanchard, in 1919. And, they hope that legacy continues. Tom and his wife, Jessica, and Carey and husband Drew have six children among them. Their names are an indication of the value the Blanchard family places on the accomplishments of those who came before them. All of them carry a name that honors an ancestor, as do Tom (named for Thomas Maxwell, his maternal great great grandfather) and Carey (that’s her maternal grandfather’s middle name). Artists or accountants, firefighters or fisherman, lawyers or librarians… no one knows what the years ahead hold for the six young Blanchard/Daniel cousins. But, if the Blanchard family history is any indication of their future, a few of them will fall in love with the business of real estate, earn their stripes, and become the fifth generation to lead the Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Company. Big George would be mighty proud.