Land brought Reuben Blanchard from his home in North Carolina to the Colony of Georgia – 150 acres in the parish of Saint Paul granted to him by King George III in 1775. The parish was defined as “The district of Augusta, extending from the northwest boundary of the parish of St. George, and southwest as far as the river Ogeechee, and northwest up the river Savannah, as far as the Broad River” – what we know today as Richmond and Columbia counties.

Just two years after receiving his land grant, Reuben married Sara Cartledge, enlisted in the Georgia Continental Line, and left home for six years of battle during the American Revolution. Upon his return, he was granted an additional 250 acres of land in Columbia County. Reuben was the original Blanchard in these parts. His descendents include one of the first physicians in Columbia County, a legendary school superintendent, a postmaster, a judge, bankers, and the four generations of Blanchards who founded and continue to lead one of the oldest family owned real estate firms in the nation: Blanchard and Calhoun.

Yes, land brought Reuben to Georgia nearly 250 years ago. And, nine generations later, land keeps us here. The land we buy, the land we develop, and, mostly importantly, the land our clients build their homes and dreams upon.