We Live Here. We Give Here.

You know, our community has been very good to us. That’s why we’ve always tried to return the favor. Our history of philantrophy begins before Blanchard & Calhoun existed when George Blanchard donated to the Augusta Encampment Fund way back in 1917, helping underwrite the establishment of what would become Ft. Gordon.

In 1919, the year he started the business, George served on a fundraising team for the local YWCA’s $25,000 capital campaign. Since then, we’ve supported hundreds, probably thousands, of charities, schools and organizations, donating our time, talents and money to the arts, healthcare, the homeless, education, the environment, and our military, to name a few. We urge everyone to give back. It’s always been the best way to move our community forward.

Blanchard & Calhoun – 100 years, 100 stories

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