Some people are born to do a very specific thing: Tori Amos taught herself piano at the age of two, Jodie Foster started acting at age 3, and Pablo Picasso painted Picadorat the age of eight. But, for most of us, life follows a more circuitous path. Roberta Sheehan taught radiological technology at Augusta University’s dental college for 15 years. Stephanie Duffie was a career banking auditor and analyst.

Different lives, but shared values: they both love problem-solving and helping people improve their lives. When they decided to begin new chapters in their own lives, they turned to the Blanchard and Calhoun Institute of Real Estate –Roberta in 2003 and Stephanie in 2002. Both women sailed through the pre-licensure course, passed their respective licensure examinations, joined the B&C team as agents, and quickly established themselves as top producers in the industry. Roberta and Stephanie have moved a lot of real estate over the past 17 years –and changed a lot of lives in the process. They are perfect examples of what we’ve always believed: while your job may change, your values don’t.

If you want to change your life through a career in real estate, ask about our Institute of Real Estate. We’ll save you a seat.

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