A hundred years ago when George Blanchard and Francis Calhoun founded Blanchard and Calhoun, it was unmistakably a different age. Mankind had only been flying for 16 years, the nation was dry thanks to Prohibition and women in the U.S. had been promised, but not yet given, the right to vote. Selling homes was different, too. While personal relationships and a commitment to customer satisfaction have always been at the heart of Blanchard and Calhoun’s success, the methods of getting the word out have changed dramatically over the years. What started out as a print-heavy advertising strategy evolved over time, continuing to morph and change as new technologies created more visible and innovative methods of showcasing properties and targeting buyers. Line drawings became black and white photos, black and white photos turned to color and newspapers shared time with billboards and catalogs and later, videos and digital ads with downloadable links and QR codes. And now, as drone footage revolutionizes a buyer’s ability to get to know a property, it’s nice to think that when this whole thing started, planes were made of wood and fabric and flown with no small degree of danger — a reminder that while how we serve our clients may have changed, our values have remained the same.