Back in the 1970s, Blanchard and Calhoun’s computerized accounting system resided on a machine that nearly filled an entire room in our offices. Technology has certainly improved the real estate, mortgage, and insurance business but nothing replaces what Blanchard and Calhoun has known for the past 100 years – that a successful business is built on relationships. When Francis Calhoun and George Blanchard joined forces in 1919, their partnership was announced in the pages of the Augusta Chronicle. And, that’s exactly where you’ll still find a lot of our advertisements and announcements. Spears, a locally owned and operated company on Central Avenue, has been making signs for us for decades, perhaps for the entire 78 years they have been in business. And our banking relationship? That dates all the way to back to Georgia Railroad, which merged with First Union and then Wachovia, eventually being acquired by Wells Fargo. While the name of our bank has changed, our long and abiding bond with local bankers like Susan Hunnicutt has not. Blanchard and Calhoun – shaking hands since 1919.