Eight months after George Blanchard and Francis Calhoun established their partnership, the young men – both born and reared on farms – purchased the farm mortgage business of James Frank & Son, an investment venture founded in Augusta in 1892. Within the year, Blanchard and Calhoun had expanded the reach of their newly acquired business line from the Peach State to the Green Mountain State. “A house of splendid standing was to have the opportunity of offering some exceedingly good farm mortgages to the people of Vermont,” reported the United States Investor in 1920.

This was a difficult period of time for our country’s agricultural industry. American farmers had enjoyed high demand for their products during World War I, but, as war-torn Europe began to rebuild, the demand for US exports fell. Farming families were hit hard. Foreclosures were commonplace. Blanchard and Calhoun entered the market at a time when farmers needed them most, offering conservative loans to help farmers keep their land and preserve their livelihood.

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